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Bringing Totoro Into the 3rd Dimension

Totoro’s Mei Modelled in Pixar-style 3D?? Mei (from studio Ghibli) is the cute protagonist from the wonderfully crafted 2-D world of My Neighbor Totoro. When we think of this movie, we think of beautiful artwork, bright colors, and the pure childlike imagination of Hayao Miyazaki portrayed effortlessly into film. Miyazaki films are famous for their classic and unparalleled animation technique,…

Disney Princesses Drawn Perfectly in the Kawaii Manhwa Style

8 Disney Princesses Drawn in Kawaii Manhwa Style What happens when master Korean artist Nayoung Wooh  draws the most famous Disney fairytale princesses in the traditional Manhwa style? A utterly breathtaking explosion of traditional aesthetics and cuteness, that’s what! In one of her most notable publications entitled “Fairytales”, Wooh (also known by her moniker ‘Obsidian‘) offers “reinterpretations of Western Fairytales.” The…

A Real-life Moomin Paradise is Being Built

“Moomin” Finnish Hippo-faerie Theme Park Will Open in Japan in 2015 100 years ago, Tove Jansson, beloved creator of the Moomin series, was born. Moomin is both a comic strip and a series of books that revolves around the lives of several plump white creatures that look like hippopotamuses. The Moomins live in Moominvalley, and go on fantastic adventures with…

“I Love Cat” Kimono Obi

Ameowzing Belt for Kimono Mixes Oldschool and Newschool Japan There is an endless array of takes on kimono in the modern day — they can be elegant or sheik; modest or bold; stiff or flowing; classic or vogue. In 2015, there are kimono-influenced products all over Asia and the West. Around Japan, women step softly through the streets in either…

3 Minutes of Pure Ghibli Bliss

Thai Animators Create a Charming Video Tribute to Legendary Japanese Studio Studio Ghibli is the Disney of Japan. The famed studio has inspired legions of animators, sketchers, and dreamers alike. Countless artists can likely trace their career choice and eventual success back to a whimsical Ghibli film, the epitome of Eastern cartooning. A lovable, mythical cat-beast. A sailor’s romance spoiled…

Kawaii Manga Baseball Boys??

The Best Way to Attract Female Fans to Yakyuu is to Manga-fy the Players The Yokahama Baystars are trying to reach a new (likely, female) audience with their latest piece of PR work: take the professional Japanese Central League players and manga-fy them for advertisements. In this shojo-style piece published by the Baystars, fans of the baseball team can enjoy their…