Obama-chan <3s Anime and <3s U

Obama-chan Shows the Nation and the World that He Believes Kawaii Anime is Real, Alive, and Important

Imagine a world where taxes were kittehs, Presidents’ Day was Anime Day, and Obama addressed the nation with battle music and stock sound effects. Imagine a world where airplanes were cat buses and all cultures were just different cosplays. ‘Imagine all the peeeeopleee…’ Okay, so obviously I’m no John Lennon and this reality would actually be pretty terrifying, but that won’t stop Twitter for bringing us some of the best presidential photoshops we’ve ever seen. Give Twitterers Obama striking a pose, and they’ll use it as a canvas.  Recently, a few particularly exceptional illustrations have picked up some speed online. Truly, these are the modern-day Vincent van Goghs. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to the one, the only, Obama-chan:

Credit goes @neontaster for kicking us off. Did you know that Obama happen to be a huge fan of the hugely popular anime death note? How about the fact that he’s looking for best ever waifu: ‘No waifu no laifu.’ I hope no one tells Michelle, or else America’s Commander-in-Chief could be in for some harsh words.  

No Waifu

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And how about that VP Romney-san? sometimes when you need a buddy, there’s nothing like Mitt to cheer you up. Sometimes life isn’t so kawaii when you’re strategizing international policy and facing flak back home. Mitt’s the guy to go to when you need a happy helping hand.


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In actuality, we wouldn’t mind seeing Obama make a bold statement to the relatively small-but-strong kawaii subculture in both America and abroad. It’s quite a large political issue in Japan, seeing as such huge chunk of the media of the Japanes youth indulge in enjoy this non-derogatory otaku entertainment and way of life. Be it anime, manga, video games, or fashion, no one can deny the presence of cute culture and the way that it permeates our daily lives. Granted, we know that won’t ever happen with the POTUS (because of the media firestorm it would cause) — but one can still dream about a Lolita Obama, donning only the brightest contacts, the fullest eyelashes, and biggest pink ribbon on his head. Until then, Twitter users’ entertaining depictions will have to suffice.